I’m currently seeking a remote work product manager mentee.


I’m passionate about remote work and enjoy helping individuals grow in their careers. I truly think remote work is all around positive for both for-profit businesses and individuals working in them. (It’s probably great for other scenarios too, but I’m not experienced in those to say for sure.) Right now, I’m focused on continuing to practice and evolve the remote work product management craft through the real-world experience of scaling remote teams. (As of February 2020, I currently work remotely as Head of Product at Tilt, serving as the first product person in an early stage startup. See my background.) Beyond doing my day job and sharing ideas via the greater remote work community, I want to effect tangible change in this world. I don’t have a grand plan to do that just yet. But I am capable of impacting one individual right now. So I want to start here.

How and when

This will very much be an experiment, the first iteration of hopefully a broader mentorship program that may grow into other initiatives and involve more individuals. As such, this is the experimental plan:

  • The mentee is a product manager working remotely, in a technology company. That company will be informed and supportive of this mentorship program.
  • The mentorship program will take place from April to June, 2020.
  • The mentor (me) and the mentee (to be found), will have a 20 minute private video chat, per week. This will afford the mentee a safe place to discuss any subject (e.g. career aspirations) that they prefer to keep private.
  • The mentor and mentee will have a 20 minute public recorded chat (posted to YouTube), per week. This will hold the mentor and mentee accountable (the public internet as a forcing function) to their mutual commitment of mentorship.
  • The mentee will publish a blog post at the conclusion of the mentorship program, capturing lessons learned, and planned next steps in their career plan.
  • The mentor and mentee will establish a mentorship plan at the outset, specifying topics to be learned (e.g. a book study) and/or projects to be worked on (e.g. creating a web app using no code tools).
  • There will be a strong emphasis on learning remote work culture and best practices, and in particular, as applied to product management.

Contact me

If you are a potential mentee and are interested, please message me on LinkedIn or DM me on Twitter. Please share this page with anyone you know who may be interested, especially those individuals who are underrepresented in tech. I will update the page accordingly once a mentee has been found.